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Inspiring Women Pram Mobile - Free Crochet Pattern

Hello everyone,

It’s been a little while since I’ve made an appearance on here, but this nasty virus is keeping my loved ones and I at home and giving me a smidgen more typing time even with a little one.

Sometimes it’s easier to just call something what it is, isn’t it? I thought for ages about a catchy name for my amazing women on a string but sometimes an out and out description is exactly what it needs.

It goes without saying I’ve always been all for women’s rights, after all, I am a woman; but since having my

little one I’ve been giving a lot more thought to how I instil in her a sense of worth. I want her not only to know if she’s being manipulated, taken for granted or treated badly but also to feel able, and be able to do something about it. To be able to say no when someone pushes her boundaries and walk away without a second thought. Now I’m not saying a pram mobile is going to do all this but it certainly doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by women who have pushed back, said no, and managed all the ramifications of standing out from a crowd when standing up for themselves and others.

It was pretty tricky to choose who to put on the mobile, I had others on my list including, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg (I am in love with her), Lady Hale, Michelle Obama and Princess Leia! Hopefully I’ll get those out to you too! But for now, for free, please find the inspirational women mobile on Ravelry and Love Crafts. If you find us through Love Crafts you will find all the yarn I used listed and if you purchase through our link we get a small commission which helps us keep going with free patterns and funds my yarn habit – we are grateful for this.

This pattern requires something to suspend the figures above the pram/stroller. You can of course use cord and tie them securely at both ends. I used dummy/pacifier clips – I purchased these from amazon and used the beads and cord too – worked perfectly. These are the ones I used

- COOLOO 2 Packs Baby Dummy Clips -

Finally – because this pattern is free it has not been sent out to testers – I really appreciate kind and polite feedback – I’ve worked hard on this but it’s by no means perfect and I would love to update and make changes as needed. Obviously if you use beads and the like they are small parts which can present a choking hazard, the mobile is not meant to be a toy or for babies to put in their mouths, it is a decorative piece for a pram and should be placed out of the reach of small children and babies.

In these strange strange times, stay safe and keep crafting,

Squishy hugs and Love,


Click HERE to go to Love Crafts and get the pattern.

I know this goes without saying but just incase; please be a respectful, nice human being and do not sell or distribute my patterns in any way, especially as your own. I welcome the sale (on a small scale by an individual maker but not mass production) or sharing of finished products made from my patterns crediting me, PenniesfromDevon, as the pattern designer and linking to this website or one of my social media accounts. It's also OK to share blog posts and free patterns but only through the share post button on each post or a direct link to this site. If you have any questions regarding distribution or translation of this pattern, please contact me on pennie@penniesfromdevon.

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