Crochet, by Pennie, who's from Devon


Hi, my name is Pennie, I’m the face and voice behind PenniesfromDevon and I am crochet obsessed.


I have always loved to “make”, I recall the dining room table covered with stickers, glue and paint and my Mums regular calls to “keep it on the newspaper”! Over the years my “making” has involved many mediums and then in 2009, through work, I met crochet. 


It wasn’t love at first sight but crochet was a mild and affable partner who kept me company. In the years following I made blankets for new nieces and friends’ weddings; as time progressed I found crochet a constant companion and we developed a mutually loving relationship! 


In 2016 a friend and colleague introduced me to the online yarny world and there has been no going back. This community has supported and enhanced my love of crochet, encouraged me to knit and opened my eyes to creativity in a million different forums. And I LOVE it - there are half finished projects, yarn and hooks all over the house (despite my husband’s best efforts!). 


Yarny activities have filled my mind with endless creative possibilities, they help both calm my mind balance some of those pesky negative thoughts and stress that invade my brain and they have filled my phone with a plethora of diverse people who have something in common with me through yarn and creativity.


I’ve decided it’s time to really put myself out there. I hope to share my creations and ideas with you lovely people, starting small but with big ideas!

Love and yarny hugs, Pennie xxx

Pennie of PenniesfromDevon, crochet free pattern designer uk based